Metamer, the national energy supplier based in Abruzzo and owned by A2A, chooses Aziona to redesign the new MyMetamer mobile app and create the digital product that will allow its customers to have ‘the counter in their pocket’.

Reference sector
B2B & B2C Energy

Services provided

  • Business strategy
  • UX design
  • UX Copywriting
  • System integration
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development


Business Strategist, UX Designer, UX Copywriter, UI Designer, Front End Developer, Back-end Developer, Project Manager

The Context: The transition from physical to digital

Metamer is a historical company, founded over 30 years ago, at the forefront of the digital transformation that has affected the energy sector.

If, until a few years ago, the first point of contact with its customers was the many shops located in Abruzzo, Molise and Marche, with the change of generations and the push that came with the pandemic, Metamer has long since implemented its technology stack to facilitate the customer’s online operations.

The transition in which we are involved, supporting the internal IT team, focuses precisely on digitising these processes by making them available in self-care through the app.

The Challenge: A vision or a digital product?

The company’s assets include a mobile app that has been in use for some time and whose user experience has been reviewed.

Stakeholders in the company highlight several areas for improvement, and those directly involved in front-office management provide useful insights for the redesign of the application.

Aziona’s first task is to be able to organise the company’s vision, collect insights and systematise them with evidence from the analysis of the market offer and the interviewing of the customer base.

Our goal is to create a product that translates Metamer’s value promise (proximity and listening to the customer) into facts and that becomes a milestone in the realisation of the new Metamer app.

Methodology: Energy + Design + Technology

We approach the first phase of service design (empathise) by conducting interviews with business stakeholders. In addition to one-on-one interviews, we distribute an internal survey that allows us to collect various information and send it back to our UX team.

We then design a survey aimed at Metamer’s customer base, which is carried out en masse and defines some important design guidelines.

In the “Define” and “Ideate” phases, we involve key people in the company in a joint design sprint. This allowed us to identify the concept on which to develop the user experience of the app, which is translated as ‘the meter in your pocket’.

Thanks to the moderation of Aziona’s designer, who led the workshop, and the commitment of all the participants, we were able to identify the problems to which the application’s functions must respond.

We then proceeded to create the wireframe of the application, which was validated and then iterated, leading us to the final prototyping phase, in which we delivered a “hands-off”, the prototype containing the entire user interface part developed on the design system in our care, which is already useful for carrying out the first implementation analyses.

The Result: Plug & play design

The concept on which we developed the entire user experience effectively represents Metamer’s value proposition.

Appointment booking, video support calls, customisation of core functions are some of the features that meet users’ needs and realise the company’s vision.

The in-depth analysis phase and the support of the company’s IT team enabled us to design a product that would last over time and allow seamless and “cost-saving” integration with CRM systems.

The design and prototyping work carried out allowed Metamer to rethink the application as a fundamental asset for the company, differentiating it in the market, engaging existing customers and meeting the needs of the digital generation.

Giuseppe Dell’Acqua Brunone, CEO di Revoluce

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