Sentra Energia, the national supplier based in the heart of Rome, chooses Aziona to revolutionise its online acquisition process and renew the entire user experience, focusing on the integration of CRM systems.

Reference sector
B2B & B2C Energy

Services provided

  • UX design
  • UI design
  • UX Copywriting
  • System integration
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development


Business Strategist, UX Designer, UX Copywriter, UI Designer, Front End Developer, Back-end Developer, Project Manager

The Context

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Sentra needed to update its online customer acquisition system. It needed to further strengthen its positioning, which is based on an extensive sales network and a highly efficient after-sales service, managed by an established in-house customer care team.

The Challenge

The company, which started as a family business, has grown to become a national player in just a few years. The technology stack is up to date, but has never been ‘stressed’ with integration work.

Our challenge is to create a platform that leverages the company’s information systems and existing processes to convey Sentra’s extreme care for its customers online, creating a reassuring and simple user experience.

Aziona’s intervention included the complete redesign of the corporate website and the reserved area, as well as the creation of the online contract signing funnel.


In order to define the guidelines for the work, we started by involving the company’s stakeholders in a co-design workshop, during which we systematised the value proposition of the company’s offer with the expected results of the new platform.

After defining the objectives, we defined the activities using an agile mindset. The user experience and development teams then got to work.

We worked in parallel, on the one hand building wireframes and prototypes to pixel perfection, and on the other analysing the requirements of the company’s stakeholders and evaluating the possible technological solutions to be built.

From a technological point of view, we opted to build a completely customised activation path, created from scratch and enriched with a plugin released specifically for the client. The integration with the web service exposed by the CRM was done through a SOAP API, with an extremely rigorous path of testing and continuous production release.


Sentra has an integrated user experience with offline processes, allowing it to develop a new sales channel and diversify its sales strategy. The funnels created are directly integrated into the management system and can be replicated in the future for new products that the company may decide to develop. The company’s value proposition can now be found in its online touchpoints, strengthening its positioning and unique selling proposition.

Giuseppe Dell’Acqua Brunone, CEO di Revoluce

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