EBC Green Logistics

EBC Green Logistics, the green last mile logistics company, has chosen Aziona to adopt and implement its new Management System.

Industry Sector

Services Provided

  • Business strategy 
  • Technology adoption


Business Strategist, Business Analyst, User Researcher, Project Manager

The Context

EBC Green Logistics is a company with a decade-long history that has undergone rapid changes in its business model over the past three years. The management system currently in use, previously developed on an open source platform, has become outdated for current needs and does not support the expansion into the new market segment that EBC Green Logistics is targeting. The company’s internal skills didn’t allow them to confidently evaluate a new technology investment, which is why we were chosen to define the technology adoption strategy.

The Challenge

How do you update enterprise systems when the business model changes and significant investments have been made in the past? The choice is a tricky one: you can either opt for bespoke development or go for off-the-shelf software.

Our approach to technology adoption is also based on analysis and is not influenced by contracts or vendor preferences. Our goal is always to use technology to support business objectives and to make a strategic choice for long-term business growth.


We start with a comprehensive analysis of the needs and pain points of the current management system. We use a “UX approach”: we interview business stakeholders and identify key functionality and user requirements. At this point, we have a clear needs map that allows us to assess whether or not the market offerings meet our client’s requirements.

We benchmark logistics-specific products and verify that the offerings meet EBC’s needs. We select a shortlist of possible software and continue to test different platforms. The end users who will eventually manage and use the product are involved in this phase. Feedback is collected in an analytical and structured manner and shared with stakeholders.


At the end of the consultancy process, EBC will have a complete set of data and evidence that will enable them to proceed with the software purchase with confidence. They will be able to optimise and implement internal processes, measure workflow efficiency and provide a better service to the end customer, strengthening their position in the market sector in which they operate.

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