Product Design for Healthcare Startup

An undisclosed Swiss start-up has chosen Aziona to design the user experience and product interface aimed at carers and those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Industry Sector

Services Provided

  • UX design
  • UI design


Product developer, UX Designer, UI Designer, Project Manager

The Context

We met the client company at an early stage in the design process. After an analysis of the market sector, the user research process had stopped at user interviews with people who were actively involved in the care process and with users who showed symptoms of neurodegenerative degeneration due to the disease.

The objective for the development of the MVP, in which we have been asked to support the team, is to define an initial set of features and develop their user experience. We will then create an initial version of the user interface to support the startup in seeding.

The Challenge

The challenge for our team is to create an efficient user experience that combines the needs of both ‘carer’ and ‘patient’ users.

The client’s brief requires us to develop the user experience on dedicated devices for each type of user with different functionality.

Caregiver users will use the application through a mobile application to perform collaborative tasks and monitor patient user interactions with their dedicated interface within the same application.

The user experience for patient users must take into account the progression of cognitive degeneration caused by the disease, which limits their interaction with the application and requires a specific usability study.


The first step is to identify user needs based on the insights from the interviews. A design thinking workshop was then organised with key people in the company to identify the features on which the user experience would be built. During the workshop, with the help of the coordinating designers who facilitated the group’s interactions, killer features that would differentiate the product in the market were identified and the customer journey for both user types was mapped out.

From there, wireframes of the application and user interface were developed.


Once the design work is complete, the startup is ready to move into the interaction design and MVP development phase, which can be pursued in parallel with fundraising and seeding efforts.

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