Nemo, the technology startup that created the plugin that makes life easier for small e-commerce businesses, entrusts us with the strategy and development of its flagship product.

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  • Business strategy
  • Software development
  • User Experience


Product manager, Backend developer, UX designer

The Context

Nemo is a technology startup born from the insight of its founder, a technology and gaming enthusiast who already owns a chain of stores specialising in role-playing and collectible games. Nemo’s main product, which gives the company its name, is its Easy Product Load.

At the time we meet the company, Nemo Easy Product Load is still on paper. It is designed to be a WooCommerce plugin that solves a burning problem that its creator personally experienced: managing the loading and handling of physical and virtual inventory across all online sales channels.

For a small e-commerce, this task is time-consuming and challenging to manage alongside the regular operations of a publicly accessible store. Nemo aims to solve this pain point and we accept the challenge of taking this product from an idea to a finished and working SaaS service.

The Challenge

We meet Nemo at the end of the product ideation process, at a point where the main features have been defined, but the scalability of the business model hasn’t been considered and there hasn’t been any hands-on prototyping.

Before starting software development, we reassess and redefine the business strategy, working closely with the company to establish the growth and scalability plan for the product.

We build the strategy using the Lean Canvas model and provide comprehensive documentation to help guide the business through its next steps, making it self-sufficient as it continues to evolve.

We focus on technology development after defining the business plan and supporting the validation of the business model.

The UX team works closely with the development team to refine and implement features that improve the user experience while the development team works on the code. Multiple rounds of testing result in improved product reference uploads and optimised product taxonomies.

The production release takes place according to the set timelines, enabling the planned go-to-market strategy with an improved and more efficient user experience.

Nemo Easy Product Load is now sold through a subscription plan with a significant number of subscribers. The features, designed to solve a specific problem, meet the needs of a niche market that is willing to invest in a product that really improves their day-to-day operations.

We are delighted to have been part of the birth of this SaaS! Go Nemo!

Mathieu Leynaud, founder of the innovative startup Nemo.

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