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Smart Track, the innovative SME specialising in IIoT applications for workplace safety, chooses Aziona to define the product strategy for its new technological patent.

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  • Business strategy
  • UX/UI


Product developer, UX Designer, UI Designer, Front End developer, Project Manager

The Context

Smart Track is an innovative SME that has always stood out nationally for its research and development activities in the field of IIoT for workplace safety. The request presented to us is to work on the business model of Best Safe, their new data tracking system based on blockchain technology. Our proposal is a consultancy process aimed at fine-tuning the product strategy and reaching the market with a consolidated business model and a renewed user experience.

With these objectives in mind, we start working with the internal product development team for a period of six months, guiding the company towards market launch.

The Challenge

Best Safe is a high-tech system that makes use of the blockchain and integrates with IIoT devices to track, classify and verify the responsibility for events that could potentially put workers at risk.

It is a significant advantage for companies. The data tracked allows them to avoid legal convictions in civil and criminal cases by proving the correct execution of safety procedures.

The main difficulty is the resistance to the introduction of an innovative system such as blockchain in this industry, as well as the intangibility of the system. The proposed business model and the redesigned user experience address this challenge and highlight the competitive advantage of the product.


Our approach to developing the business model was analytical and data-driven. We based our work on in-depth market research and analysis of the needs of the identified target audience. The aim was to create a business model that was appropriate to the market context. We focused on distribution methodology and then moved on to pricing, affiliation and loyalty.

Azione’s research identified niches within the target market that were not covered by competitors’ offerings and areas where user needs were clear. With this insight, the client was able to identify untapped market segments. We then used the Lean Model Canvas to define the scalability of the product based on these insights, as it is integrated into the Smart Track product ecosystem.

We produced a strategy document that was shared with the client as part of the consultancy process. We also conducted a UX and UI review of some of the key touch points for presenting the technology and the Smart Track platform. This was done to make the value proposition even clearer.

Beyond the strategic aspect, we supported Smart Track in the implementation of tactical steps in relation to product positioning and digital real estate narratives. We redesigned the UX and UI of the institutional website, putting the user at the centre of the experience and highlighting the product’s strengths.

Interview with Saverio Pagano, CEO of Smart Track

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