Relaunch and acceleration of a digital SaaS product: the commercial growth of Artesian, the energy data platform that accelerates the preparation of data for trading.

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The Context

Ark is an innovative boutique consultancy founded on the vision of Francesco Arci, an entrepreneur in the financial and energy sectors.

In addition to one-to-one consulting services, Ark also offers an innovative PaaS (Platform as a Service) product, Artesian.

The platform centralises the processing of data required to operate in the energy market (prices, weather data, supply and demand, production values, trading volumes, etc.), simplifying the data engineering phase.

Artesian was launched as a standalone product, but was still at an early stage of market penetration.

The Challenge: Propelling the Growth and Awareness of Artesian

First of all, we did an in-depth analysis of the platform, in other words, we were the users. This gave us a deep understanding of its features and strengths.

The highly specialised topic required a streamlined user experience that provided space and support for the implementation of the commercial strategy.

We completely redesigned the UX of We focused on the functionality of the lead generation strategy.

In particular, we identified the following conversion points in an increasingly deep funnel leading to the desired core action of activating a free trial:

  • A technical white paper to explore all the application.

  • A learning section with tutorials and a GitHub repository for hands-on understanding.

  • A detailed overview of the data points that are supported, i.e. all the data sources that are managed natively by the application.

  • A newsletter with a technical but informative focus on the world of energy trading, incentivised with a downloadable ebook.

  • A free trial area with no restrictions for the testing of the full version of the platform’s functionalities without the need for a credit card.

Within these funnels, we have incorporated the customer care component: the most interactive users within the funnel receive an automated invitation to schedule a demo with the product managers to explore the platform’s features directly with them.

A complete overhaul of the site’s UX and UI was a key part of the relaunch project.

A new user experience and lead generation-focused navigation paths were critical to the launch of paid campaigns to drive traffic to the site.

Traffic is directed to two landing pages: a top-of-funnel page with a newsletter sign-up and a bottom-of-funnel page with a free trial registration (15 days of free use of the premium platform).

We created a lead magnet, content of interest to a specific audience profile within the buyer personas, to support the inbound strategy.

“The Energy Trading Handbook” guides new users through the discovery of energy trading. The conversion results were excellent, generating high quality leads (related to the energy industry).

Achieved Results

Digital marketing campaigns to completely overhaul the Artesian user experience and product support.

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cost per conversion

To help stand out in the SERPs, given the many homonyms even in related sectors, we launched a branded campaign on Google Ads.

We also helped Artesian to launch the Microsoft partnership programme and prepare the necessary materials for the initiative, as the company had recently entered the Microsoft Azure store.

Francesco Arci, Ark Energy CEO

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