Alet Communications

From hardware sales to SaaS IT services. Accelerating the digital transformation of a company with over 70 years of TelCo experience.

Industry Sector
IT Services

Services Provided

  • Rebranding
  • Web development
  • Funnel design
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing




The Context

Alet is a company with over 70 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. In order to remain competitive and aggressive in the subscription-based services market, Alet, under the leadership of Fabrizio Sessarego, has successfully undergone a profound transformation.

When we met Alet, the business model had already undergone significant changes, moving from hardware-based services to software-based services. However, lead generation and contact management were still handled in an analogue and non-scalable way. This was not in line with the type of service the company had been developing for a long time.

To emphasise the renewal of the business model, it was necessary to rethink the communication framework and tone. Alet needed to convey the energy and innovative spirit of the people behind the company.

The Challenge

Our goal was to effectively implement Alet’s vision of “everything as a service”, which the company had already started to implement. To do this, we needed to reorganise and automate the communication structure.

We needed to create tools that were simple and easy to use, which would allow us to interact with the customer base faster.

We needed to develop a message that, combined with the technological aspect, would enhance the brand’s recall and associate it with concrete values according to the target audience.

Achieved Results

Launched a business acceleration programme in the SaaS market.

YoY revenue growth
growth in social interactions
short-tail keywords positioned on first SERP

From Funnel Design to UX

We started with the communications infrastructure. This is the core of customer engagement. We strategically used the sender to move one of the CRM functions related to upselling. We clustered the database based on parameters useful for implementing the sales strategy and activated the funnels.

Based on benchmark studies and SEO-focused search query analysis, we redesigned the content structure of Alet’s new website and integrated lead collection funnels. We supported the company in both strategic and operational aspects, including creativity and content creation. The new Alet brand image was also incorporated.

From Employer Branding to Company Acceleration

We facilitated the company’s acceleration and transition to a business-as-a-service model through continuous sales team support, results monitoring and an agile approach to operations. The result was significant, with double-digit revenue growth (+15%) year on year.

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