Blockchain applied to luxury tourism: innovating an industry undergoing profound change in the medium to long term.

Industry sector
Retail and Hospitality

Services Provided

  • Concept development for blockchain platform



The Context

Roncus is a historic company in the Triveneto region. In addition to wine production, it offers luxury hospitality services.

The company decided to take advantage of a favourable historical moment to revitalise the tourism sector in the post-pandemic phase, thanks to the vision of its owners.

We are involved in the design and development of innovative tools related to the world of blockchain and DeFi (decentralised finance), which Roncus is approaching.

The Challenge

How can the opportunities offered by the world of blockchain be combined in a credible and concrete way with a historical reality based on traditional services and deeply rooted in the territory?

We conceived the concept of developing a platform that uses token generation as a reward for virtuous user actions, after a period of study and discussion on both the demand side (tourism and services) and the supply side (blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies).

Achieved Results

The concept developed aims at activating a sustainable ecosystem within the high level tourism/recreation sector in North-East Italy through the progressive decentralisation of platforms and the ideal tokenisation of limited and numbered high quality physical assets.

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